University of Toronto Donation Fraud

For many years across many departments, the University of Toronto had been defrauding multimillion dollars of public donations on scholarships, and blackmailing students for related cover ups or face academic penalties.

The University of Toronto receives multimillions of public donations every year, where substantial portion of it was solicited from the donors on the promise to be dispensed to students as scholarships or awards. Betraying the promise to the public donors for intended use as student scholarships, such donated funds often end up into enriching the university itself, directly or indirectly. While one can argue that the University of Toronto is also entitled to donations from the public for operation, the problem lies with the widespread, deliberate misrepresentation of donation purpose to motivate the general public to donate more money, based on the false believe to relieve students in gravely financial need, when the funds were instead used to enrich the university funds across departments. Condemnably, to facilitate such unauthorized, unjustified enrichment of the departments, abuse of administrative powers, including discrimination against future award nomination, degree suspension, and even program termination, were involved to coerced students into repayment of funds behind the scene and to shroud such embezzlement away from view of public donors.